Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking a deep breath. :)

OK, sorry about the random dramatic post last night. lol I was SO frustrated and I just had to get it out. I appreciate the comments and suggestions. It's a new day and I have renewed energy so we'll try something different today. Pledge for today:

1) I will not become frustrated when the babies don't want the solids. I understand they can sense this and it helps nothing.

2) I will keep reminding myself that though they seem like little kids now compared to being newborns, they are still just little babies who have a lot to learn in the world. This is a very different experience for them. I think sometimes I see them as big kids now.

3) I will keep the bigger picture perspective that they don't have to have learned to eat full meals 3 times per day by tomorrow and we need to learn a little at a time. They have not failed and I have not failed if they don't get it immediately.

I will let you know how that goes. Thanks again for the suggestions and comments. I will change some things up today. :)


Molly said...

Aawwh thats a sweet post and a great plan. You will see, it will work, sooner or later !! Looking for new updates :) Have a great weekend ....

Christina said...

Aww, your such a good Mommy. :))

gabby said...

I hated introducing solids. It took forever for them to get into eating. We didn't move to 3 meals for awhile though--started out with just dinner for awhile. One thing that really helped us was toys (and things like measuring cups and spoons to play with). It distracted them from what was going on. But really, it was a few months before it got easy at all. But it does get easier. Q right now is having his snack while type this. :)

Also, wanted to add that feeding a bottle beforehand (like others have mentioned) is a good idea. Formula should be their main source of calories until they're around 1. Solid food eating now is just practice. So it's better to do it when they're not ravenous. This allows them to explore eating vs. feel like they are so hungry but don't know what this new food business is all about.

MyLifeMyWorld-SharingADream said...

I'm glad your feeling a bit better today about it, I just wanted to suggest something that might help...

I remember when my babies were little I just couldn't get it in fast enough...with twins I can imagine they might not like to wait for the other??

Have you tried feeding them seperately? What about making a game out of it, airplane or noises as it goes...whatever.

Good luck...everyone's got their quirks, seems this might be the twins thing.

Karma & Adam said...

Once again, wouldn't it be SO nice if they came with manuals? LOL
Addie took to solids like a champ, but I could tell she was ready...she was really watching us as we ate and trying to work her mouth in a similar chewing pattern.

I also found that I had to make the food SUPER runny at first - that was the only way she didn't gag on it. Then we slowly worked our way up to thicker consistencies. Once we could introduce cheerios life got even better - those made her highchair experience FUN. And I bought a highchair toy that attaches to the tray that she would play with while I fed her.

I also only started with two solid meals a day...breakfast and dinner. I think we only moved to three a day when she was well into the solids.

It's true that they just may not be ready yet - maybe they just need a couple more weeks.

You're doing great - all this stuff X2 is not easy!!! Hang in there : )

Karma & Adam said...

Oh, one other thing. I also cut the consistency of everything she ate in the beginning with could do the same with formula if you haven't tried that. It went in everything for a while - cereal, veggies, fruits...seemed to make it more appealing for her.